Compagnie Générale


Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, known variously as ‘CGT’ or ‘French Line’ was a French shipping company established in the mid-19th century. CGT is a legend both inside France and across the world and it would go on to launch some of the world’s most celebrated and luxurious liners such as Ile de France, Paris, Normandie and France. Likened to floating palaces, the CGT liners emphasised sheer luxury above all else - sometimes to the detriment of passengers’ comfort. The cavernous interiors of Normandie were seen by many to be nowhere near as hospitable as those of the rival Queen Mary. CGT operated for many years often struggling to turn a profit and relying on French Government subsidy instead. A 1976 merger saw the Company absorbed by a container transportation entity - an all-too-familiar end to a once-glamorous line. Regardless, CGT’s liners remain the toast of the Atlantic and will go down in history as such.