matson lines

Swedish-born orphan William Matson arrived in San Francisco in 1867 and few would have believed that he would go on to create a shipping empire. Matson Line’s name became synonymous with luxury tropical cruising by the 1930s, and when ‘Malolo’, ‘Mariposa’, ‘Lurline’ and ‘Monterey’ were launched they were some of the finest ships afloat and certainly the most sought-after on the USA-Hawaii route. With the decline in passenger numbers, Matson retired its passenger fleet by the 1970s and turned its attentions to cargo and freight.



Named after a yacht which young William Matson had served on, Lurline became the toast of the pacific and was a regular sight in San Francisco, Hawaii, Fiji and Australia. Designed by the venerated naval architect William Francis Gibbs, Lurline and her sisters had stellar careers with Lurline being eventually re-built as Chandris Lines’ ‘Ellinis’.

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