For the bigger prints


A stunning natural-style texture evokes an image of the luxurious Liner interiors of old; carved oak panels and ornate architraves.


A spectacular frame true to its name, ‘Deco’ adds a level of gilded-age elegance to any print.


MODERN is simple and understated, a true chameleon and herein lies its charm; the print becomes the focus and the frame will fit into any environment. Available in both Black and White.

Olympic Gold.jpg

Available in both black and deep brown with gold and silver trim, Olympic is a grand frame which will beautifully complement any black-hulled liner.


With an antique-style charm, ROMANTIC will give that classical touch to a any print.


Sorrento’s soft whitewash colour and deep timber pattern has a beachy allure and would do well to complement any white-hulled ship.


for the smaller PRINTS


INDUSTRY will suit any place you want to put it - its simple, mat-black or white is a subtle complement to any print it surrounds.


Stately and elegant - OCEANIC comes in Black with gold or silver trim and Dark Timber with gold trim.