Print - RHMS Ellinis 1978

Print - RHMS Ellinis 1978

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Chandris’ beloved dual-purpose liner; Ellinis plied the immigrant trade before becoming a dedicated cruise ship towards the end of her career. Learn more about Ellinis here.


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- The finest quality hand-framing conducted in Melbourne, Australia.

- Printed on a fine-textured vinyl giving a museum-quality finish.

- Vacuum-sealed and impervious to moisture damage

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'Titanic' is available in these sizes;

GRAND - 175cm x 80cm

This special size option is reserved for only the biggest of liners; Titanic, Queen Mary and the other giants. A true feature piece, this spectacular frame will show off every little detail.

FULL - 150cm x 77cm

Full-Size offers an impressive display to showcase your ship; each porthole, rail and rivet will be beautifully highlighted at full-scale.

THREE-QUARTER - 115cm x 60cm

3/4 size still packs the massive scale that Liner Design prints enjoy best but at a more economical scale ensuring this size can be installed in most rooms without dominating the environment.

HALF - 85cm x 50cm

1/2-sized drawings are perfectly suited for environments where space is a premium; be it the study or the hall, these smaller prints will make an exceptional accent to complement your home or office.

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